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Software:Pragmatic Play
Slot Type:Video slots
Minimum Coins Size:1
Maximum Coins Size:100
RTP (Return To Player):96.5%
Bonus Game:Yes
Progressive jackpot:No
Wild Symbol:No
Scatter Symbol:No
Autoplay Option:Yes
Free Spins:No

Spaceman Overview

Explorers venturing into the outer realms of online gambling may have come across crash games while seeking alternative betting options. In the past, these games were associated with lenient operators who overlooked important factors like KYC. Participation merely required creating a login and depositing crypto, fostering a certain stigma. However, thanks to Pragmatic Play, crash games are now making their way into the mainstream. Enter Spaceman, a game that encapsulates all the excitement and thrill of crash gaming, while benefiting from the legitimacy and reliability that comes with an established and licensed software provider.

Spaceman immerses players in a bustling scene as it blasts onto their screens. The game panel showcases a mesmerizing night sky adorned with planets and stars, while a Spaceman resembling Eve takes center stage. During the game rounds, the astronaut patiently awaits as players place their bets before embarking on an exhilarating adventure. What sets Spaceman apart from online slots is its collaborative nature, as numerous players can join in and participate simultaneously, akin to a live dealer casino game. Additionally, a chat box fosters lively conversations among participants, further enhancing the interactive experience.

Spaceman RTP (Return To Player), Payout and Volatility

The video slot game, Spaceman, offers several standout features, including a multiplier, decent RTP, and the burst/crash mechanic. While the game's RTP of 95% falls slightly below the industry average, it still stands as a commendable figure. One intriguing aspect of this game is the ability to adjust the volatility through the auto-cashout feature. By setting it lower, players can enjoy more frequent yet smaller payouts, while setting it higher offers the potential for less frequent but larger payouts. Overall, Spaceman presents an enticing gaming experience with its array of features and customizable volatility options.

This game offers the option to place bets in different currencies including dollars, pounds, euros, and cryptocurrencies, making it a noteworthy addition to the list of Crypto games. The minimum bet in the game is $€,£1 or the equivalent in crypto, while the maximum bet is capped at 100. With a maximum payout of 5,000 times your stake, this game offers exciting potential for big wins.

Spaceman Gaming Experience and Graphics

Immerse yourself in a captivating deep space adventure, where the screen displays a breathtaking intergalactic panorama. A vivid purple sky adorned with planets and stars sets the stage for this cosmic journey. Your intrepid spaceman, reminiscent of an Android-alien hybrid, eagerly prepares for their voyage into the celestial expanse. With an otherworldly atmosphere and a sense of wonder, this experience will transport you to new heights.

Spaceman Bonus Features

As the spaceman clings on, the win multiplier soars higher. At the bottom of the screen, a ticker tape displays the latest crashes and achieved multipliers.

While there are no rigid rules for cashing out, cashing out below x1.00 results in a loss. Above x1.00, you'll be in profit, but be wary of the spaceman crashing at any moment.

One popular feature is the Cashout facility, where you can set a comfortable multiplier. The game will automatically cash out if the spaceman reaches that point. Additionally, you can utilize the Cashout 50% action for more control.

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play Slot Review
Spaceman by Pragmatic Play Slot Review

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Spaceman?


  • RTP of 95%
  • Potential winnings of up to 5000x your stake
  • Option to cash out 50% of your winnings
  • Auto-cashout feature with a 50% threshold
  • Captivating visual design
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Alluring theme
  • Interactive multiplayer chat


  • Not many special features are available
  • The maximum bet is $100
  • Winning the maximum payout can be challenging

Can I Play Spaceman Game For Free?

The Spaceman game offers a demo version, which provides a significant advantage for novice gamblers. By trying out the Spaceman slot demo, players can explore the game before placing real-cash bets. This allows them to become familiar with the game mechanics, learn about the rules and additional wagering features, and get comfortable with the interface. The availability of free rounds is particularly important as Spaceman is a relatively new type of casino entertainment known as a crash game. Many gamblers may need some time to become acquainted with the game.

Spaceman Conclusion

In the early days, Crash games were often simplistic, represented by mere lines on a graph. However, to enhance their appeal and personality, visual elements like rockets and astronauts were introduced. While Spaceman may not be as visually captivating as a typical Pragmatic Play slot, within the realm of crash gaming, it stands as an attractive addition. While flashy visuals are a nice touch, the true allure of crash games lies in their fast replayability and the irresistible temptation to outsmart the system.

Many crash users attempt to devise mathematical systems to outsmart the house – the internet is filled with such strategies. However, it's important to note that professional mathematicians designed Spaceman with an inherent advantage. So, good luck to anyone who tries to follow this path. Here's an extreme example: if you set the auto cash out to 1.01x the bet, you may collect winnings in numerous game rounds. However, the challenge lies in the fact that just one losing round can erase a significant number of wins. Admittedly, it can be somewhat enjoyable to search for the ideal balance between win frequency and value in an effort to overcome the unforgiving nature of mathematics. But the question remains – is it even possible?

If the clinical approach doesn't resonate with you, there's always the option to embrace chance and hit the Cashout buttons without much contemplation. This can be quite exhilarating at times. As the multiplier rises, long rides can become intense. Do you hold on and secure a solid multiplier, or do you cash out early and risk missing out on a substantial win? This is where crash games and slots diverge significantly. Let's consider stumbling upon the fortunate spin in a slot that reaches its maximum payout. You receive the money instantly. However, in a game round of Spaceman that offers a maximum win of 5,000x, you can only claim the full amount if you hold on until the end (or set auto cash to 4,999.99x).

In other words, it takes more than mere luck. It's luck intertwined with unwavering composure. Envision reaching 1,000x or 2,000x on the game round that leads to Spaceman's ultimate triumph. How many individuals could resist the temptation to cash out? Only those with exceptional resilience could go the distance. Perhaps being emotionally detached could assist, but this game is crafted to evoke emotions.

The game Spaceman may not appeal to everyone as frustration sometimes overshadows the enjoyable moments. It can feel like it employs psychological tactics that put players at a disadvantage. However, for certain thrill-seekers, Spaceman offers an enticing and intoxicating experience that fulfills their desires.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spaceman Crash Game by Pragmatic Play

What Is Spaceman Game?

Experience the thrilling space-themed crash slot game where you place bets and predict the perfect moment to cash out before the Spaceman “crashes”. Don't risk losing your wager, strategize your moves and enjoy the excitement!

Where can I play the Spaceman crash game for free?

Feel free to practice playing Spaceman on our website without any cost. Take your time to explore before making any commitments.

How To Play Spaceman Slot?

To begin, you must select a gambling platform to play the online Spaceman game. After that, proceed to register as a new user and top up your account balance. Once you've completed these steps, you can start the game and specify the amount of your initial stake. Lastly, carefully choose the perfect moment to cash out your wager.

Is Spaceman mobile-friendly?

Yes, Spaceman is designed to be compatible with mobile devices, ensuring that players can enjoy the game on any smartphone or tablet effortlessly.

Which software developer made the Spaceman crash game?

Spaceman, developed by the renowned studio Pragmatic Play, is an exhilarating crash game that has captivated the industry.

How Does The Spaceman Game Online Work?

Once the countdown reaches zero, the Spaceman launches into the sky, accumulating a growing multiplier along the way. Your objective is straightforward – withdraw your wager whenever you deem appropriate, but ensure it is done before the Spaceman inevitably crashes.

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